Film Score

Flying Pig Productions just finished up an original score to the movie Coldwater. Listen to a few previews from the movie, as well as some tracks that are available for purchase.


Flying Pig Productions has a number of music licenses available for purchase. Once you own the license you can use the song any way you like. Just preview our available songs, then use the contact form to let us know which song(s) you're interested in.

The Studio

Located in the heart of our facility is a state-of-the-art recording studio designed by legendary audio designer, George Augspurger. It is a relaxed environment for our artists to get professional results. We can do everything from songwriting to recording and mixing music, voice-overs and commercial products, even post-production for films.

Our studio is driven by a 12 core Mac Pro equipped with an HD system. As far as software goes, our main programs are Pro Tools 8 and Logic 8. With a pair of Apogee AD-16X & DA-16X Converters we get 32 I/O with our Daking 1112 Console. The channel inputs and all main outputs are balanced with Jensen transformers. Our live room is 25' x 45' so it is big enough to accomodate bands and even orchestras. It is equipped with a floated floor, which means it is completely isolated from the rest of the building. You wouldn't even feel an earthquake in there.

Project Studios

We have two project bays, perfect for songwriting, preproduction and video or photo editing. Each studio is equipped with Mac Pro desktops and Apogee Duet audio interfaces as well as a producer's desk. Adobe Photoshop, Apple's Logic and Final Cut Pro are a few software titles you'll find in there.

Outboard Gear

  • 6x Daking FET Compressor II
  • 2x LA-2A
  • Universal Audio LA-610
  • SPL Transient Designer
  • Little Labs VOG
  • 16 Channel "Guest" Patchbay at Producers Desk

Studio Equipment

  • Augspurger Mains with TAD Drivers
  • Genelec Near-field Monitors
  • Bryson 7bs
  • McIntosh 75s
  • Bryson Crossover
  • White Instruments EQ
  • Aviom Personal Monitoring System (6 mixers)


  • Yamaha Grand Concert Piano
  • Gretsch Drum Set


  • 3x Mohave MA-201
  • 4x Mohave MA-100
  • 2x Royer 121
  • 2x Neumann U87 AI
  • 4x Shure SM57
  • 3x Shure Beta SM58
  • 2x Audio-Technica ATM250DE
  • 2x RE-20
  • 2x Cascade Fathead
  • Cascade 731r
  • Baby Blue
  • AKG 414UBLS
  • D112

Additional Services


Need band photo's? We've got you covered on that. Our photographer takes stunningly beautiful photographs with artistry and storytelling in mind. A 40' cyclorama is also available to get the illusion of a seamless white background.


Here at the pig our lives revolve around music and these days that goes hand-in-hand with video. Everything from music videos to feature films can be done in-house. Check out the work of Sean Sweetman if you're interested in something like a music video. Check out our studio-live performances on our StayTuned.LA.